ANYWOOD Co., Ltd. focuses all efforts to young and innovative technology research and eco-friendly product development.

Special Features of Eco-friendly Synthetic Wood


Strong Durability

By only taking advantages of wood and plastic, N.F.C. Wood is extruded with wood-based fiber and thermoplastic resin to complement weakness of wood material which is water resistance, moisture resistance and pest resistance. This new concept of material is an eco-friendly building material with semi-permanent excellent durability.

Excellent Dimensional Stability and Processability

It has excellent dimensional stability with minimal deformation or crack due to external environment factors such as UV and temperature changes. It is manufactured and installed in suitable specification on various forms, colors, and uses which can help create well-being space

Superior Water Resistance

Even in the moist sites such as waterfronts, waterside parks, and water stages, the water absorption rate is low enough to maintain a uniform quality and avoid deformation, corrosion, and decay.

Natural-like Aesthetic Effect

Wood-like natural texture, various colors, and its easy processability give in/exterior of a building an elegant image which can create harmonious eco-friendly scenery.


As an eco-friendly and human-friendly material, it suppresses reproduction of harmful bacteria such as molds and E. coli to 99.9%, and prevents liquid contamination. This eco-friendly building material is also non-toxic and odorless.

Pest Resistance

It has excellent pest resistance, antibiosis, and weatherproof without any harmful preservation treatment, and it can maintain the space fresh with a release of far-infrared radiation and an anion.