About Us

ANYWOOD Co., Ltd. focuses all efforts to young and innovative technology research and eco-friendly product development.


  • Participated in Dubai Wood Show
  • Acquired Korea Eco-Label Certificate
  • Selected as Global IP Star Enterprise
  • Participated in Korea Public Procurement Expo
  • Selected as Export Voucher Company
  • Participated in GTI International Exhibition
  • Acquired Green Technology Certification (No. GT-18-00399) from Minister of Environment
  • Participated in Kunghyang Housing Fair 2018
  • Received Korean Premier Patent Grand Award (Hankook Ilbo)
  • Established and Accredited Affiliated Research Center / Acquired Korea Eco-Label Certificate (No. 11715)
  • Selected as Excellent Defense Facilities Headquarters and participated Vietnam Trade Delegation
  • Selected as The First Rank in Customer Satisfaction & New Intellectuals Grand Prize (Dong-A Ilbo)
  • Selected as a Specialized Regional Business in Qingdao Exhibition Center
  • Completed Registering Lane Separators to Public Procurement Service
  • Relocated the Factory (Hojeo-myeon, Wonju) with the latest equipment construction
  • Performed as Smart Factory Manufacturing Innovation
  • Received Korea Management Association of Small Business Innovation Award Certificate - Ministry of Employment and Labor (Wonju Chief Director)
  • Received World Class Hidden Business Grand Award - Excellent Product Division
  • Certified as a Technologically Innovative Small Enterprise (INNO-BIZ) and a Management Innovative Small Enterprise (MAIN-BIZ)
  • Selected as a Smart Factory Promotion Company (Center for Creative Economy and Innovation)
  • Recognized as a Clean Business Site (Korea Industrial Safety and Health Corporation)
  • Selected as Prospective Small Enterprise in Gangwon Province (Governor of Gangwon Province)
  • Designated as Premier Products by Public Procurement Service (Director of Procurement)
  • Received Award of Creation by the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • Registered a Patent on Prefabricated Fence using Eco-friendly Synthetic Wood and Deck Road System using it (Patent No. 10-1498268)
  • Received Award Certificate in Gangwon Start-up Forum 2015 from the Director of the Small and Medium Business Administration in Gangwon Province
  • Selected as The Recommended Products for Preferred Purchase and The Best Invention by Korean Invention Promotion Association (No. 2015-1802)
  • Registered Patent on Lightweight Synthetic Wood with Minimized Moisture Content and its manufacturing formulas (Patent No. 10-1283502)
  • Acquired Korea Eco-Label Certificate (No. 11715) - Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute
  • Certified as Venture Enterprise (Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation)
  • Registered a Patent on Prefabricated Soundproof Panel (Paten No. 10-1447447)
  • Registered a Patent on Solar Powered Soundproof Walls (Patent No. 10-1447448)
  • Certified as a Direct Manufacturer of Synthetic Wood (Small and Medium Enterprise Cooperatives)
  • Obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Authentication
  • Obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System Authentication
  • Obtained KS Product Certification (No. 13-0288)
  • Obtained KS F 3230 on "Wood and Plastic Composite Floor Plate" (Korean Standards Association)
  • Registered a Patent on Synthetic Wood using Coal Ashes, and its manufacturing formulas (Patent No. 10-1293617)
  • Registered as MAS on the Complex Shopping Mall of Public Procurement Service (Synthetic Wood, Soundproof Walls, Designed Fence)
  • Established Any Wood Co., Ltd